Mortal Kombat

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Mortal Kombat News

A new Mortal Kombat came out! Its Mortal Kombat 9. Its for xbox360 and play station 3. And on the news they said that its the most violent video game. Also it has all your favorite charecters: Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Raiden, Lui Kang, Kung Lao and all the others. There is a training mode to practice. Also on that there is a Fantality practice on there under training mode. Also try the story mode which in my opinion is awesome! And with xbox live you can battle real people acually doing what your doing siting on the couch playing and also watching there skill and testing if your champion! and maybe try to find out the babality’s? They are when the charecter turns into a baby and does something to them self’s cry like using fans and go flying using them and fall on your butt or fall because your bomb exploded on you but babality’s and fantality’s are not easy!!!!!!! Also there is is a tag team tower battle that you can battle with your friends aganist the computer so like 2v2 ! Or do it alone and just battle 1v1 aganist computer! Also you can go to story mode and unlock Quan Chi and Cyber Sub-Zero! Well here is what the story mode is about: Well in the beginning you see everyone dead, cut up sliced in half frozen in to pieces for one reason: The power well at the top of the pyramid was this yellow orb witch gave the person with this awesome power  and also at the top Shao Khan and Raiden were fighting and raiden lost but before he died he chanted a spell and said “He must win!” and he goes back in time to the beginning of the tounament and he must beat Shao Khan from taking over Earth realm and must fix everything before everyone dies and he knows how to because he gets these vison before they happen and the more it leads into the wrong path into everyone dying then cracks in his madalion more and more. But can Raiden save Earth Realm, all the mortal kombat fighters and mostly himself?


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